True Colors® is a simple model of personality identification for people of all ages that improves communication through recognition of a person's true character. Utilizing the colors of orange, green, blue and gold to differentiate four basic personality types, True Colors becomes an uncomplicated language for every individual to convey complex ideas very simply.

True Colors' lively and interactive programs have become the easiest and most convenient way of discovering one's strengths, and understanding human behavior.

Studies in human nature and personality types have universal appeal. The ancient Chinese and Greeks, for example, investigated the differences and similarities in personalities. Regardless of their cultural and ethnic differences, these early astrologists/psychologists simplified the complex human personalities into four categories. Though these models described by early scholars do not overlap exactly, there are striking similarities in their views in classifying human behaviour.

Lowry created a model based on the True Colors® metaphor in four colours – Orange, Gold, Blue and Green – that describe a cluster of characteristics and preferences in each of the colors. Associated with each of the preferences are differing strengths, values, joys, needs, and stresses.